India Homestay Tour Packages

Indian Homestay Tour Packages

Indian Homestay Packages are becoming more popular as days passed by. Tripenticer Indian Home stay Packages is a leading Tour operator offers Home stay Tour packages in India. Book non-hotel accommodations like Home stays, farm stays, beach villas,jungle lodges, service villas, bed & Breakfast centers, etc. 
Tripenticer Indian Home stay Tour packages are Holiday packages in which the accommodation provided are a network of beautiful family homes all across India, ready to welcome travelers. Here Guests can enjoy an authentic experience: sights, smells, tastes and traditions up close, not through the usual eyes of an everyday holidaymaker. 
Stay in family homes -  experience real India, see and feel the culture and lifestyle. 
 In Home stays, guests will get a warm welcome, a relaxing stay and real experience. Tripenticer india homestay packages combine the comfort and distinction of a boutique hotel with the hospitality, informality and local knowledge you enjoy when staying with friends. And of course there's delicious, home cooked Indian food too 
Experience Incredible India through Tripenticer Home stay Tour Packages 

Home stays in Indian Concept

 Homestay is a form of tourism in which the traveler stays with a local family in a tourist destination. In some places, it is connected with improving language skills and becoming familiar with local life style. Students who go for study in abroad wants to improve the language being used there. So they stay with local families renting a room and mingle with them. This is usually observed in European countries. But basically, it is a form of tourist that allows tourist to stay with local families- a home away home. Many countries encourage homestay to improve tourism industry, which ultimately help the host family to earn an income. On the other side, tourists get a safe accommodation and also an opportunity to become familiar with the local culture.


According to the Tourism Department of India, Homestay is to provide a clean and affordable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike including an opportunity for foreign tourist to stay with an Indian family to experience Indian customs and traditions and relish authentic Indian cuisines. India has witnessed the flow of large number of tourists in the past few years.


 The desire to meet, mingle, visit and be a part of the large cultural diversity of India is an idea that has always fascinated people outside. Hence they come India to explore the road untravelled. This large outflow of tourists to several destinations has opened door to a new concept called Homestays. This is the best suitable way to enjoy your stay anywhere since you are not bounded by any rules and protocols of staying in a hotel or resort. One can have all the freedom they want and also, this gives one an amazing opportunity to be an integral part of the local lifestyle and culture of the area. This new concept hence has attracted many tourists as it lets them understand the local traditions and mingle with it.


Tripenticer Indian homestay Holidays offers you to experience the Real India by opening the doors to beautiful family homes and engaging hosts across India.It is so easy to locate India on a map but the real India, rich with experiences is more elusive. It is a land of such dizzying diversity, that local insight is not just a luxury but essential to its discovery

 Tripenticer takes travelers to a world that no hotel chain could hope to uncover.b

History , Culture &  Lifestyle 

Homestays in India selected by Tripenticer Homestays are run by the most respected families of the area and  they are the hub of activity and culture. They offer  the highest standards of hospitality servoce and maintenance but also open your eyes to regional festivals, rituals, traditions and so much more. Often t guests get VIP treatment at local tourist sites and important events.
Regional Insights 

Most families that host Tripenticer Homestays’ guests have best information about the best attractions and activities of  their region can offer. These hidden gems are hardly ever found on a  a guide book but can be discovered when staying with Tripenticer Homestay. For those who love the luxury of local insight, they select Homestay package tours. 

Responsible Travel
Many Indian homestays have turned to sustainable eco-tourism in order to run their establishment while preserving their surroundings. From employing simple, resource saving techniques to give a portion of earnings to a local organization, they do a lot to give back to their land. And through them, guests can help maintain the beauty of the place 


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