Kerala Homestay Packages

Kerala Homestay Tour packages 

Kerala, widely known as Gods Own Country, is a small state located in the Southern part of India. Inhabited by a population with vast diversity and culture, the state is blessed with wide variety of flora and fauna and plenty of natural resources. Malayalam is the language spoke in the state. Apart from being blessed with abundant nature beauty and greenery, Kerala is one of the state in which there is hundred percent literacy rate. Therefore, one could experience the highest level of hospitality in Kerala. Western Ghats with tropical forests, backwater boating and sandy beaches are the main attractions of Kerala. A rich and diverse culture is seen throughout the state.


By taking a package tour, you can explore Kerala in a most efficient and relaxed way.  Homestays of Kerala is another important factor which is not to be missed. Homestays are home away home. Also, choosing your accommodation in a homestay in Kerala has several added advantages. You get to know the local culture prevailing in the region with the help of the host family you stay. Homestays provide you an opportunity to interact with the localites and thereby brings you to a more wide understanding of the rich and diverse culture. This helps you to become a part of the Kerala throughout your journey. Tour operators will arrange several local activities along with the host family you stay and this includes trekking, bamboo rafting, fishing etc. Kathakali, a famous dance art form of Kerala and activities like learning to cook Kerala food will be added on request.


Even though the state is well arranged with accommodation facilities like hotels, restaurants, resorts etc, homestays have emerged as a new theme initiated by the Kerala Tourism Department to enhance the tourist visit and open a new door to make the tourists feel a part of Kerala. The feeling of own among the tourists is the main target that is to be achieved by the whole homestay theme. And as far observed, Homestays have been a wide success throughout Kerala. Understanding the local culture and lifestyle is the beauty of staying in a homestay. Homestays offer you a freedom that you could never experience in the limited space of hotel rooms. Apart from these, homestays also bring you to the natural taste of Kerala food unlike a hotel stay.


Homestays might not offer you the facilities of a 5 star hotel but the rich personal experiences and memories that you are gonna take to your home cannot be compared. After all, a journey is all about fond memories and experience. So Welcome to Kerala Homestays and lets make memories.