India via Kerala

India vis Kerala- travel to India from south to North

Kerala was the gateway of India in ancient times-Travel to India via Kerala is the most enchanting holiday offer

Kerala- God's own country- was the gateway of India in ancient times. Greek, Romans, Chinese and Arabians came to Muziris, near the present-day Kodungalloor for trade. The main search was for Kerala Spices, pepper, Cardamom, etc. Muziris was the major port of those times.Muziris is very ancient world’s greatest trading centre in the east. This seaport traded in everything from spices to precious stones with the Romans, Greeks and the rest of the world. Muziris with the culture of 3000 years was the doorway to India for varied cultures and races- Buddhists, jains, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, and Romans etc 


A major part of our country’s export business took place through the cargo movements in the harbor. There were always a certain number of ships sailing in the harbor. These cargo movement activities soon developed Muziris in to major cultural and business hub which called for large go-downs and storage areas for the safe and healthy storage and movement of goods.


Many records prove the fact that raw materials like pepper, cardamom, spices, sandal, ivory, muslin, silk, pearl and the like were exported. Liquors, porcelain, glassware, chandeliers, tin, lead and such commodities were imported. As a result of this massive trade roman wealth started flowing to the harbor of Muziris. In exchange of Black gold(pepper)  Kodungallor earned pure Gold.

 In Ad 52, St thoams apostel of Christ arrived in Azhicode near  present day Kodungalloor,The first church in India- Paliyur church, the first Juma masjid in India- Cheraman Juma masjid, to the Bharani festival at the Kodungalloor Bhagavathy temple,etc and etc.Later Vaco de gama arrived in Kerala. By the time Cochin has developed as an alternate to muziris. Cochin, is a major port city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea, For Europeans Cochin was the gateway to India 

Cochin - the gateway to India - India via Kerala 

Travel to India via kerala- Cochin is getting momentum. Cochin is a modern airport having flight connectivity to middle east and to the world. A lot of tourists are now choosing Cochin as their gate way for Indian travel. Cochin inter national airport is about 30 Kms from main cochin town called Ernakulam.For more details visit and