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South India The Dravidian heartland is diverse in itself with numerous culture and traditions. South India has vast stretches of beaches, numerous wild life sanctuaries, hill stations, Backwaters, Waterfalls etc... It is also rich in Heritage with innumerable monuments and museums. Scroll through the South Indian tour packages below and you will find that each package is indigenous and developed to meet the interest of a variety of Tourists.Kerala and Goa are among the favorites for the tourist because of its greenery and lustful beaches respectively. South India also homes the richest and cleanest cities in India itself. The state of Tamil Nadu is popular destination for a large number of pilgrims for it has a large number of historically important Hindu Temples and Festivals. Our tour packages are designed to include the most of the wonders of South India within the desired time limit and are well with in your budget.

All Packages are flexible and can be customized according to the needs of Guests

  1. Mini South India Tour - 4 Days
  1. Best of South India Tour - 7D
  2. Mysore- Ootty- Munnar- Alleppey - 7D
  3. Mysore- Coorg- Ootty- Guruvayur - Cochin - 7D
  4. Madurai Kodaikanal Rameshwaram Kanyakumari  7D
  5. Alleppey House boat- Wayanad- Coorg  7D
  6. Cochin- Alleppey- Munnar Tour- 7D
  7. Mysore- Ootty- Kodyikanal- Madurai –7D
  8. Madurai – Kerala  package Tour  7D 
  9. Chennai- Pondicheri-Munnar- Alleppey 7D

  1. Best of South India Tour - 8D
  2. South India Wonders - 8 Days
  3. Mysore- Ootty- Munnar- Alleppey - 8D
  4. Mysore- Coorg- Ootty- Guruvayur - Cochin - 8D
  5. Cochin- Alleppey- Munnar Tour- 8D
  6. Mysore- Ootty- Kodyikanal- Madurai –8D
  7. Madurai Kodaikanal Rameshwaram Kanyakumari  8D 
  8. Alleppey House boat- Wayanad- Coorg  8D
  9. Madurai – Kerala  package Tour 8D
  10. Chennai- Pondicheri-Munnar- Alleppey 8D
  1. Best of South India - 10 Days


Great South India Tour - 26 Days
Destinations Covered : Cochin- Alleppey – Kumarakom - Periyar – Madurai - Trichi- Tangaore- Pondicherry - Chennai - - Bangalore - Mysore - Hassan - Hospet (Hampi) - Badami - Goa - Mumbai
Rs.85,500 (2 persons)


Great South India Magic Tour - 33 Days
Destinations Covered : Cochin- Munnar – Thekkady- Periyar - Kumarakom/ Alleppey House Boat- Trivandrum- Kovalam- Kannyakumari- Rameshwaram- Madurai- Mamallapuram- Pondicherry – Chennai- Bangalore- Mysore- Ootty- Coorg -  Wayanad – Calicut- Cochin
Rs.99,000 (2 persons) 


Great South Indian Herald - 55 Days
Destinations Covered : Munbai ( Bombay),  Auranghabad,  Hyderabad, Bidar, Gulberga, Bijapur , Badami, Hospet/ Hampi, Dandeli, Goa, Uduppi, Hassen, Mysore, Coorg,  Wayanad, Ootty, Munnar, Maurai, Thekkady, Gavi, Kumarakom, Alleppey House boat, Kovalam, Trivandrun, Cochin, Athirapally, Thrissur
Rs.175,000 (2 persons)


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